This Post is a Symptom of “Chronic Political Correctness”. Whatever that means.

In a recent Huffington Post article, debate about the Canadian “Trans Bill” – or Bill C-16 – demonstrates the divide in progressive speech politics. You can read the full story here, but here’s a quote of my favorite part (and by favorite, I mean, the part that makes me want to throw up):

Fonseca, however, insisted that the [Trans] bill, rather than being a “shield” for those who identify as transgender, will instead become “a sword for militant radical activists to go after Christians and make them pay for opposing this ideology.

“If this dangerous bill is passed, we will see Christians’ lives ruined,” he said. “We will see them lose their jobs, their homes. Their reputations will be destroyed. We will see Christians be buried under ruinous financial debt as a means to silence them and send an example to others…. We will see people being jailed.”


Must be election season, because nothing screams “elect me” like fear and hypocrisy. 

How, I wonder, would this person (and other men who feel this way) react if they were called a woman? Would they not be “offended”? Would they not respond by overemphasizing their masculinity? Puffing their chest? Shouting from soapboxes,”ME, MAN!”

Maybe they would, maybe they wouldn’t. Maybe they’d be far more vulgar in their offense, spewing words that start with P and end in Ussy. Depends who you’re dealing with.

At the very least, would these men not simply and rationally correct the statement? “Actually, I’m not a woman. I prefer if you refer to me as ‘he’. Thank you for your respect.”

Why would trans folks not be afforded that same right to correct a false statement about their identity?

From stories that I’ve heard, few trans folks feel comfortable coming out or sharing their story because of fear of being ostracized or treated violently, which is (unfortunately) a valid fear. And you, Mr. Jack, are worried about the financial well-being of some of the most privileged people in the country?

The term “Chronic Political correctness”- and the ways in which folks like this have defined it all on their damn own – exasperates social conservatives as if other people’s lived experience is somehow a direct attack to their own lived experience.

I continuously fail to understand why people are so threatened by inclusivity and diversity.

I’m sorry, but folks wanting the same rights and respect as you, Mr. Jack, isn’t a threat to free speech. It isn’t a threat to Christians. You’re just a bully trying to earn support through fear. As BB says when I pester him in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep and he has been sleeping, “Get outta here!”